Traces of Memory

by Unmute Dance Theatre

Traces of Memory | 20:00 | 60 Min | Theatre
Created & performed by Unmute Dance Company
Sound Composition by Elvis Sibeko

Traces of Memory is a work in commemoration of the late Themba Mbuli Co-founder and Associate Artistic Director of Unmute. The company goes down memory lane, as they go back to revisit through dance and the display of imagery some of the works created by Mbuli during his 7 years with the company. 

by Teresa Phuti Mojela

Ngwedi | 20:00 | 60 Min | Theatre
Choreographed by Teresa Phuti Mojela
Rehearsal direction and mentorship from Macaleni Muzi Shili, with musical composition by Kenny Isaac Rakotsoane, Thulani Zwane, Velile Mkhabela, Themba Hlatshwayo, Volley Nchabeleng, Zain Vally, and Macaleni Muzi Shili. 

Ngwedi is a dance presentation in tribulation to the late Themba Mbuli who has been and continues to be an inspiration and a ‘soul mover‘to many artists. The piece looks at how we contribute ourselves to live an inspiring life while our souls are still intact with our bodies. “Do we leave footprints that are traceable or we are easily forgotten”? Themba Mbuli’s life constantly reminds us to fully live for today. Because what if there’s no tomorrow. Time is of essence. 

Ability Day:
International Day for Persons Living with Disabilities

Featuring Light of Life Theatre Organisation, New World Dance Theatre, Unmute Dance Company,
Thabisa Dance Academy, Igugu Dance Group &
Phillpi Community Group

Ability Day | 12:00 | 90 Min | Theatre
Featuring performances by Light of Life Theatre Organisation, New World Dance Theatre, Unmute Dance Company, Thabisa Dance Academy, Igugu Dance Group & Phillpi Community Group

Ability Day is an end product of workshops that are facilitated by Unmute Dance Company members. The facilitators work with selected schools each year (schools for the Deaf, Blind, Physical Disabilities, Special Needs and mainstream schools), using performing arts to transfer skills, empower, educate, and motivate the youth/pupils, also creating a bridge of integration between the schools and students. This year’s selected schools, community groups and professional companies and artists will share the stage in remembrance of the past ArtsAbility Ability Day’s. The day also features other young dancers who are part of youth training organisation in Cape Town. As we remember what was, and pave the way to new beginnings.

Unmute and Friends

Featuring Yaseen Manuel, Broken Borders Arts Project, Thulani Chauke, Fana Tshabalala, Mpotseng Shuping, Unmute Dance Company
& Louise Westerhout

Erraticism of It | 19:00 | 15 Min | Theatre
by Yaseen Manuel

Conversations left unsaid, thoughts you left with behind wishing it could’ve
been discussed and now realising It hasn’t left.

Elements in 8 Hours | 19:15 | 15 Min | Main Theatre

by Broken Borders Arts Project, Thulani Chauke & Fana Tshabalala

If Only I Knew | 19:30 | 10 Min 
by Mpotseng Shuping

If only I knew you’d not be with us this year,
If only I knew you’d leave so soon,
If only I knew when I dance again, you would not be here to see it.

Themba has always said I should dance and I was never ready to. This work is for him, If I’d known he’d leave us so soon, I would have done this sooner.

Dark Cells | 19:40 | 30 Min | Theatre
Concept & direction by Themba Mbuli, performance by Unmute Dance Theatre, photography exhibition by Sithembela, musical composition by Themba Mbuli & Phil Thurston

Dark Cell: the mind is the worst prison a man can ever be.
The two companies pay tribute to the late Themba Mbuli with the work Dark Cells (Solo) a work created by Mbuli and performed by himself, the Unmute Company and Broken Borders. The work has already toured 10 countries and 15 cities. Dark Cell draws its inspiration and metaphors from the imagery of political prisoners on Robben Island. This theatrical dance work uses the concept of a prison cell as a metaphor for mental imprisonment. While celebrating and commemorating South African History, the piece is also embedded in the past as a mirror of contemporary society and reflection of post-colonial interiorities.   

Installation art work | 20:10 | 20 Min | Piazza
by Louise Westerhout

An installation work as a response to the initial work done by Louise Westerhout and Themba Mbuli in 2020.

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