Free South African Sign Language lessons, book your space before: 30 October 2020
Workshop platform: ZOOM 
Workshop times: 16h00 - 17h00 SAST
Workshop Dates: 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov and 1 Dec. 
Booking info: To book send us an email with your name and surname at 


Jabaar Mohamed  

3 Nov - 1 Dec

Jabaar Mohamed Provincial Director of DEAFSA will be conducting online SASL classes throughout the month of November as part of the Unmute ArtsAbility Festival. These lessons include learning the alphabets and basics in communication in sign language. To take part in these classes, please book through Unmute Dance Theatre to join in on the fun.

Week 1: 1hour Tuesday 3 November.
What is SASL? Deaf Culture?

Week 2: 1hour Tuesday 10 November.
Review (week1), Hand Shapes, alphabet A-Z

Week 3: 1hour Tuesday 17 November.
(Review week 1&2), Greetings.

Week 4: 1hour Tuesday 23 November.
(Review week 1- 3), Family and People.

Week 5: 1hour Tuesday 1 December.
(Review week 1- 4), SASL structure


Every Wednesday during November there will be a variety of online workshops happening by artists from around Africa. These workshops will comprise of the following techniques. There will be interdisciplinary movement workshops, a mixture of Tanzanian traditional dances, Contemporary dance techniques all fused together. Classes will involve loads of playfulness and movement explorations challenging the limits of our body, how we perceive movement and or dance and a fun inclusive workout. All these classes will have sign language interpretation and classes are all accessible for persons living with physical disabilities. 

Booking info; To book send us an email with your name and surname at 
Workshop times: 12h00 - 13h00
Workshop Platform: ZOOM


Kaldi Makutike 

4 Nov - 12:00 SAST

The interdisciplinary movement workshop is a physical expression improvisation driven workshop. The workshop will look into playfulness, vibe and bringing various movement knowledge to challenge the limits of our body and how we perceive movement and or dance. The workshop aims to introduce a different way in how African contemporary dancers approach movement. It looks to expand your way of moving by using multiple tools deriving from different movement practices and techniques.


Chaleen Chimara

11 Nov - 12:00 SAST

Chaleen Chimara is there in place to serve dance worldwide, to develop the knowledge and skills in contemporary dance, to fuse this knowledge with the richness of Zimbabwean culture in order to produce unique contemporary dance performance for the widest possible audience, to add and build to the efforts already in place mainly in the Zimbabwean society, culture and abroad. ChiDac is introducing dance in its various forms.


Samuel Japhet

18 Nov - 12:00 SAST

Is a dance workshop bring a variety styles of dances such as; Tanzanian traditional dances, Contemporary dance techniques together (fusion) in one space which is all about how we can experience different dance journey from one dance ethnicity to somewhere as a process of getting from one point to another point in a way of investigate what is the flexibility of our body, what different verbal we can offer our body to learn within new established principle, repetition, improvisation, form, breaking the rules, Habits alongside of these paradoxes, observations, questions, opinion all these path through on a line of exposed and exploring ourselves in another new dance language and creations. 


Nadine Mckenzie

25 Nov -12:00 SAST

An inclusive dance teacher who received her training from world renowned Alito Alessi who facilitates training programs in Inclusive dance around the world. Works on teaching and creating inclusive spaces for everyone. Due to the global pandemic many have been forced to move to online teachings. Having never taught online particularly teaching that involve mixed groups of people (with and without disabilities).

There are many challenges attached to teaching online, the greatest challenge being accessibility, (who is able to join?), Inclusion (how is the class accommodating different people), and also contact, As performers and teachers we rely greatly on having physical contact. How do we still move together and demonstrate without physically being in the same space. This workshop will explore how we use space, time and contact to create and inspire new ways of finding/ creating movement.


Thulani Chauke

2 Dec - 12:00 SAST

An integrated physical workout session that is inclusive to all abilities/disabilities. Thulani introduces a unique workout technique designed to get any body moving.  


UNMUTE has invited artists and companies from around the globe who are in the field of inclusive arts to conduct Online Lectures every Thursday during November. The lectures will consist of artists sharing their practices, process on how they create an inclusive working environment for artists and audiences.

To book send us an email with your name and surname at 
Worksop Platform: ZOOM 


Marc Brew (USA)

5 Nov - 17:00 SAST

Acclaimed International choreographer Marc Brew trained as a professional dancer at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and Australian Ballet School. He has been working in the UK and Internationally for the past 19 years as a director, choreographer, dancer, teacher and speaker. Marc will be sharing his work done in the inclusive field/community, his process of working.


Susanne Schneider (CH)

12 Nov - 12:00 SAST

For more than 20 years BewegGrund has been one of the leading integrated dance projects in Switzerland and Europe. As pioneer in the field BewegGrund is developing constantly and looking for collaborations and partners for exchange. Producing and touring professional dance work with disabled and non-disabled dancers, organizing and delivering workshops and courses as well as a biannual festival, BewegGrund stands for equal rights, self- determination, equal opportunities and inclusion.

Susanne Schneider Artistic Director will be sharing the companies works and how they not only create inclusive works, but also inclusive platforms for audiences through the biannual festival. 


Nicola Visser (DK)

19 Nov - 12:00 SAST

Nicola is a dance artist currently working in Aarhus, Denmark. She founded and directed Remix Dance Company an integrated dance company (2000-2007) in Cape Town, SA. It offered a radical turn in the body politic of dance at the time.

Her focus continues in both community dance and land-body work in a variety of forms. Co-teaching is key, touch/contact, and making work together - whether in a class or toward a performance is also an important part of the environment. Visser will be unpacking more on her approach to inclusive works.


Alito Alessi 

26 Nov - 17:00 SAST

Alito Alessi known as a pioneering teacher and choreographer in the fields of contemporary dance, and dance and disability. In 1987 he founded the DanceAbility method of connecting people with and without disabilities through dance. Alessi began training teachers in the DanceAbility method. He has conducted these month-long DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses, More than 700 dance artists, people with disabilities, and those interested in working with people with disabilities have attended, coming from 50 different countries. Alito will be sharing the DanceAbility method and his experience in the inclusive arts field with us during the ArtsAbility Festival.


Artists from Argentina/Belgium, Switzerland and South Africa will be facilitating free online inclusive dance workshops, classes are open to the public. People with and without disabilities are all welcomed to join in on the classes.

Please note, when booking, specify which class you are booking for by providing the date and facilitators name. 
Deadline for Booking: 30 October 2020
Book at 


Lisi Estaras

6 Nov - 12:00 SAST

I work around a specific movement language starting from the idea of the monkey mind and the stream of thoughts. Monkey mind refers to the endless chattering in our heads as you jump in your mind from one thought to another as monkeys who jump from tree to tree chaotically. By searching the way our thoughts can be translated into movement I put the performer in a state of consciousness where the input or shifts of thoughts give him/her a specific rhythm and quality of movement. Using as well the content of these thoughts as gesture material. The workshop will start with a warm-up of body parts: isolation, qualities, rhythm, instinctive movement...

Later on I will give tasks to construct small dance phrases individually. We will show and learn some of them in order to share and make personal interpretations and choices of others physicalities. The idea of sharing material it’s a general tool that helps us to develop our unique approach to dance by adapting and finding ways to transform material of others and make it our own. At the end of the session I will show some extracts of “Monkey mind”, a piece for able and disable dancers created for Platform K (Gent. Belgium). Two of the dancers of the piece will accompany me during the workshop.


Andile Vellem

13 Nov - 12:00 SAST

Sign dance is a dance technique established by UNMUTE. Sign language being the language of which many deaf people use to communicate, with one of the company members of UNMUTE being deaf and using sign language daily, it has sparked the thought of using the language and finding ways to translate it into dance. What is now know as the company’s signature dance technique. The sign dance workshop will include learning the basics of sign language, learning of the alphabet, names, words etc. These will then be used as a basis/ inspiration to create movement. This is an inclusive class and all movements are created for the use of anyone ( persons with and without disabilities).


Alessandro Schiattarella

20 Nov - 12:00 SAST

The experimental online workshop on distraction, is a collection of exercises aimed at finding different ways to increase self-knowledge. The exercises are designed to be performed alone, and involve the use of movement, voice and interaction with common household objects (such as a glass of water..). The objective is to work on the awareness of the present moment, whether physical or mental, so that we can reflect and discuss together on self-knowledge and the quality of interactions with others. Participants are invited to prepare their favourite dance playlist!


Gladys Algahus

27 NOV -12:00 SAST

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique, Just like everyone else and when you move in space you have your own unique signature and grace. Exploring movement from inside out in one's unique breath." Gladys Agulhas

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